Make it Mondays: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is…

Nov 04

This week I’m gonna be kicking it into high gear, and I want you to too. So I’m gonna keep this one short and simple. Enjoy.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

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By now you’ve gotten pretty far in the free ebook you downloaded when you subscribed – if you haven’t go ahead and subscribe now, and start reading at least a chapter a day – it’ll teach you even more of what you’ve been learning here, and can dramatically improve your lifestyle.

In all that you’ve learnt so far, I want you to start really tightening up and making sure you’re taking all the steps needed to get that ideal lifestyle you’ve been working on all this time.

This week, I want you to put your money where your mouth is.

Saying you’ll do it isn’t enough.

Doing it is good, but not quite 100% effort.

Perseverance is where the key lies.

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Lifestyle improvement isn’t just about doing it and then it’s over.

It’s exactly what its title encompasses – a change, an improvement, a way of life. The same way you want that lean, cut body, is the same way you have to want to accomplish your goals.

Making it a habit is key….and the one way to make something a habit is to do it everyday, even when you don’t want to.

So I’m gonna give you three tips on how to keep going, when you feel like quitting. Take some notes, will you…

  1. You can’t score if you don’t have a goal. – Each week, set a goal for yourself. Could be something simple, could be something long term. If you wanna start slow, set a goal you know you can attain by the end of the week – for something bigger, make a deadline and haul ass to stick to it – if you can do it for your job – you can do it for yourself.
  2. More walk, less talk. – The minute you say you’re gonna do something, make it your business to get right on it – idle words will only keep you in the same situation.
  3. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Encourage yourself to take action everyday. Give yourself an incentive – and a penalty. For every step you accomplish towards your goal, give yourself $5 – fucking lunch money…and for every 48 hours your delay yourself from taking a step towards your goal – you’ve gotta give away $10. To someplace, someone, or something you hate. It usually helps to have someone take the money from you and give it away to any of the 3 aforementioned. This is where you’ll really put your money where your mouth is.

Make it your business to put these three tips into action DAILY, and watch how much easier it will be to establish milestones and accomplish your goals.

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As always….

Stay Awesome.


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