A cut of time in the chronicles of mankind’s set of experiences

Simply a descript bit of time,

A stretch huge enough, Yet little,

A costly bit of time,

What a period!!

New Year the consummation of one worldwide unrest

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However the start of another for centuries again and again

The proportion of an adjustment in the development and pulverization

In the advance and retrogress

In the age and degeneration

In the rot and rise

In the birth and demise of billions and trillions

In the appearance and vanishing

Of issue from and in to nothingness

New Year 3651/4 days gone

One more one just started

To gauge change that will occur

In another full worldwide transformation

Around our warm, brilliant and delightful sun

To give us a bookkeeping of what won’t and what will occur

To fill our measurable new year 2021 wishes new year 2021 wishes information of the number of kicked the bucket and the number of conceived

What number of chromosomes intertwined?

What’s more, the number of more disposed of

What number of particles framed?

What’s more, the number of more ionized.

With what number of photons did we get assaulted?

What’s more, with the number of neutrinos did we get passed

By the number of sorts of waves were we reached

By what number of did we get compacted?

Also, by what sum and what amount did we get extended.

What quantitative and subjective change

Caused it, you, us and them

During this previous one year term

Furthermore, how much and what in the one to come

Toward the finish of the New Year and the start of another

We will take a tally, all things considered, nays and the number

Till then be gay and have an extremely, glad New Year.