On account of its grisly past and whenever being known as “The Murder Capital of the World”, the home of the notorious Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Drug Cartel, Medellin has never been known as a prime traveler objective. In the previous decade, with security improving and the homicide rate really dipping under numerous US urban areas, an ever increasing earnpaisa number of vacationers are visiting Medellin.

Regardless of whether it is excessive inquisitiveness about a city that once had a bigger number of killings in a solitary year than numerous nations had generally, the word is getting out about what an incredible spot Medellin is to visit.

Current foundation, all year spring like atmosphere, magnificent schools and colleges, upscale shopping centers and facilities, extraordinary cafés and agreeable individuals, prominent and everpresent security and a structure blast to match any significant city on the planet are making Medellin Colombia an objective for voyagers all over.

Perhaps it has something to do with the notable nightlife or the nature of ways of life. Clinical Tourism is likewise getting mainstream. Maybe it is the delightful Medellin young ladies or the presence of many design related occasions and numerous marriage and dating offices are opening activities obliging Western male voyagers.

Whatever your explanations behind considering Medellin you should add it to your itinerary items. Medellin the travel industry is expanding every year as an ever increasing number of westerners visit this pearl of a city. Most remain in the upscale territory of Poblado in Hotels, Apartments, Hostels or other Medellin facilities. They eat in superb nearby cafés, dance and gathering at the numerous bars and discos, shop in neighborhood shopping centers and chase for deals in the little shops in El Centro.

It doesn’t hurt that this South American country is appreciating a traveler blast that carried in excess of 1,000,000 guests to the nation a year ago without precedent for twenty years, as per the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism.

Of each one of those individuals earnpaisa coming to Colombia, in any event 3 percent come to get clinical treatment. In 2004, 21,000 individuals came for a medical procedure and in 2005, around 30,000. That number keeps on expanding yearly as an ever increasing number of individuals pick Medellin for wellbeing and clinical the travel industry.

When they become accustomed to the Paisa lifestyle and culture, many return and a truly developing number are moving to this reasonable city to completely encounter Medellin life as a neighborhood Paisa!